Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wink wink

Sometimes people got motivated by something that they want to achieve just to make
 other people happy. So am I now, I just arrived at my home after our STAM program ends. Well, to tell the truth, this is the first time I am writing my entry in English. Sure It feels a little bit different hehehehe but worry not, I'll try my best yaaaaa..

When I was at the program, I was lazing around because I was missing my home so much that my heart doesn't really at there actually. But it takes me a lot to realize, that I am with my friends, mujahadah-ing for our stam(bcos we are the one that organizing this program ourselves, so hard maa, go there,there and there, find funds,went to see the principal, the proposal, find teacher to look on us,preparing for the subjects to teach our friends(the only teacher is us, separate 10 subjects and we'll solve it together)and so on). I was astonished by my thinking. I should feel very grateful because we still had time to covering all subjects. Ah penat la nak fikir base inggeris, kbaiii Alhamdulillahhhh anywayyyy my muet speaking haritu dapat high band 4 alhamdulillah ya Allah Allahuakbar.

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