Sunday, October 26, 2014


hi guys.
pernah tak satu masa, kita rasa kita tak boleh kawal rasa marah kita lepastu kita lepaskan dengan satu keadaan dimana kita rasa puas dapat luah/balas balik? if so, i think we are the same. but to be honest, it does not mean that action is our intention, its just that we can't hold it back after holding the feeling for a quite long time. right? and to that point, it wil makes us realize that we've done a mistake. and yeah we'll regret it later for sure. so am I now. I was a patient person. Really, a patient person and someone can't tell whether I've ever got angry or not(even my junior said it). Its just, I don't ever show it to them my bad sides. but on that day I had passed my breaking points, I accidentally go wild. and how I regret it the most. and from that day I promise myself that I would never let it be happen again.

pernah tak satu masa,kita menangis,bukan sebab kita tapi sebab orang lain. if yes, then we are the same again. I'm the one whenever I saw someone was in trouble but I couldn't help.not that I didn't help, but it's just that I don't have the courage to stop it. I am ashamed of myself for being like that. I always pray to Allah to give me the braveness for I,should stop something that should be stop.

guess that's all for today. gotta pack now while I have time. tomorrow's gonna be MUET seminar

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