Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Of January

I think I am into writing mood especially right now. So I thought it would be best if I've a blog that I could post on that without having mixed with my own personal story. Just like Fajrul did in his Qanturah story hehe, I am so gonna do that too. Just wait and I'll post the story afterwards. And so sorry to tell you that I am just too lazy to think about the Red Nerve and decided not to continue the story. Haha you know that, writer's block. This is what we got when we don't follow what the normal writers do. Well, have a nice day!

p/s: I might or I might not tell you guys about my new blog because I found that is more interesting knowing that there is no one knows about what did I wrote lolllll .. hahahahahaha


Lunar said...

Anas. I'm awfully apologize if I create some core of tribulation, confustion of emotions or the shubbery of problem untill your brain start to tight. The truth was I found something special on your personality for the instance you love to write and share your life. I belief you shall be someone interesting. Seriously. But to be a writer or author, you must to face all of challenges like time, people or your own ability. Forget about literiture theories bcoz it's just harm your thought but just write in your mode. If you're sad, express your sadness. Just do it. Haha well my Qanturah? I'm still in the basket of burden bcoz I'm not Akidahian or politician. I don't have any experience about Yemen country. My Arabic literiture slow. But I do intent to spread some message about dangerous of syiah brance to politic system.

So we, you and I. Let's not proctastinate. Let's jorney beyond to a wide open world. Writing is fun right?

Anas muhamad radzi said...

Seriously Tq Fajrul! I am so touched by that. But don't worry about my problem with the Red Nerve. I just thought maybe I could came something good but the truth is I am just playing around rather than wrote the story seriously and ludicrously. I mean like, just look how irrational my story was, the kentut part, the bebajet cute! Hahaha . This time I will turn my mood on so that's why I'm trying to get the fresh vibes by making a new story rather to continue what have I done before because I find it something unfresh. Huhu. But believe me insyabAllah the next one will work. Let's just do our best too.