Friday, October 28, 2016

of this week

Alhamdulillah managed to process kerneh .(student's card)
I am proud of my determination kahkahkah woke up early in the morning and fighting with my lazy spirit, made up my mind   to hv gila sejuk water for shower, and tobur(line up) at the office(not so office-like lorrr-u can see the attached pic)
Last but not least I am grateful for hving syakir throughout the   entire process .. Without him, i may not want to go to univ at all to settle this because it is so renyah n leceh n serius bengang dgn perangai arab nih .. any new students may felt like it's their culture so we hv to bow down n try to act kind to them ,.. but it's a no no for the shit and selfish attitude they gave to us(they opened the office, when they wanted to, they closed the door even it not yet the time to close, and if they felt kita myerabutkn kpla dia, they chased us away)

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