Monday, October 24, 2016

of sept and oct 16

Hi guys

Things have been out of control ..
I couldn't managed this blog well.
When I was in Malaysia and after I got back here . . I had found one interesting chinese novel website , so . .
Most of the time, I kept on reading the wuxia novels.
And totally drowned with it.
Too fascinating, . . I mean the plot, the storyline . . I almost lost in it.
But the lessons and moral value in the story are something to be worth reading for, therefore, I always craved for novel that suits my taste and imagination.
For class in azhar, alhamdulillah, never been better since I came back here. I found myself more healthy due to the repetition of exercise routine whilst going to univ.
I didn't managed to get kerneh(student's card).
And yeah, you have to be there on time or earlier to finish it, otherwise you might have to stand for almost 1-2 hours because of the line.
Nothing much here right?
Btw, I live in walidain. It is quite nice and I like it.
I like to be in private.
I don't know when did I turned out to be so tacit and timid but yeah, it suits me.

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